Life used to be white without you.


Life used to be white with you.


Life became black after you.


Now life is grey, grey but with a tint of red.


Passion, love and infatuation is pending that’s what the tint of red is.


All these things aren’t quite here yet but they will arrive.


When you probably ask?


I don’t know when life will be white again … I don’t even know where I am going , but that is the beauty of it; I’m lost, lost in my own confusion, slowly finding the missing pieces day by day.

 Living life like a dream, TV taught me how to feel now real life has no appeal is one of my favourite lyrics.

 Real life has no appeal; I want to be crazy and carefree I want to say ‘so what’ and ‘why not’ all the time because in the end I will only regret the things I never did.

 Faces change, hearts grow colder and love becomes bitter but the memories remain forever and so every so often they flash in our minds reminding us of our journey , reminding us of those breathless moments we all dream of having , those ‘I cant speak right now’ moments , those eye shutting please keep me here forever moments. You see? , life is beautiful when you think about it and it is so easy to get caught up in the idea that you are no longer special because something ended.

 Yes they are gone, but you are still here and you better put your seatbelt on because life for you is only just beginning.

 Life really does go on… whether we like it or not it does not stop for you because you are having a bad day or someone didn’t reply to your text message.

My diamond soul is too precious to be caged and left to rot in misery, so I will let it free, let it run wild and take me to places I never knew existed.

 There is a world out there for me, my one way ticket to happiness , it’s only for me , one ticket for one person , it’s telling me that I don’t need anyone else just me no one else.

 We seek love so much that we end up losing our way on the path to find it.

To me love is simple it is black or white; there is nothing to find because love will find me.

 I choose white, because life was white before you and I know life will be white after you but until then here is what I say-  as cliche as it sounds I’ll Wear flowers in my hair and jump in puddles, kiss in the rain, watch my favourite film over and over again and lose myself in music , but most importantly I will do whatever the heck makes me happy. Because I am alive and that is what makes me and you special.

This world needs us, without us this world would not hold a purpose, we make it magical, we make it confusing, we make it challenging and we make it life.

So I will continue travelling at my own speed, having dreams and falling in love everywhere I go but this time it’s not with people, but with the places and things that make me feel alive.

 That’s how I describe my feelings after a break up.



“Love yourself first”

Before I can love anyone I need to learn to love and appreciate myself.
No one on this earth can understand you the way you understand yourself ;
People will try and act like they understand what you’re going through but no one really knows the truth , the hurt and the numbness , all these are things only YOU can feel. They’re a part of who you are how do you expect another human being to understand you completely ? I guess that’s what makes us humans so amazing. Our minds are so powerful.
Everyone desires to be understood by others but why do we feel that we need to be understood by anyone but ourselves ?
I mean surely it’s what we think about ourselves that really matters right ?
The question is why do we seek acceptance from others …

“Move” On

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It’s quite scary when one hears the words “We can still be friends” or even “I’ll always be there for you”. We try to believe in these words, especially at the moment due to there being no other choice. It’s as if we have been cornered into a wall we can’t escape from; not being able to do anything besides except what is being thrown at us at the given moment. Now there can either be two ways we can go from there. One, we can go home and reminisce on all the good times and figure out what it is we did wrong, maybe imagine some kind of scenario where we made a different choice that would have prevented the break up from occurring. Or two, we can just say “That was good, I needed that in my life”, and embrace our future by letting go of our past.

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My fragility can creep up on me. It can bowl me over, hitting me like a sledgehammer, or it can build slowly as minutes and hours creep by. My insecurities piling up like a landfill site rubbish heap. Huge seagulls swooping and pecking, rodents rummaging and goodness knows how many invertebrates rampaging through; and the worst of all, those who add to the seething pile. The men who dump their waste; more and more, and more.

I always have a foreboding sense of abandonment within me. That everyone will eventually run away from me. When it comes to men, this sense really piques.

So, I look for things in all the wrong places and I do things so I can easily say, I knew that would happen anyway. It seems an easier place to be – though it’s quite the most uneasy place to be in actuality.

I woke this…

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